Qualification Criteria

In order to establish residency at South Fork, each adult making application must be able to meet the requirements listed below. Please rest assured that any information provided to our professional staff is kept confidential.


Every adult applicant must complete a written application form provided by South Fork. To be considered by our staff, the completed application must be accompanied by an application fee of $30, a legal form of photo ID (drivers license or passport) and a valid social security number. Married couples must complete one application for each adult and provide individual photo ID and social security numbers.

Any false or misleading information will be grounds for rejecting the application. False or misleading information discovered after occupancy may lead to immediate termination of the rental agreement and eviction.

Credit History

A complete credit history will be run on each adult applicant through an outside credit reporting agency before any application can be approved. The applicants must have a clean credit history and must meet South Fork’s criteria. No copies of credit histories will be provided to applicants or anyone outside of the South Fork leasing staff at any time.

Previous Residency

Applicants must provide a complete residency history, including contact information for prior rental residences and mortgage information on previous ownership. References will be checked for payment history and promptness, tenant behavior, rule infractions and evictions.

Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check will be completed for each adult applicant. Any misdemeanors against persons or property within the last five years, or any felonies at any time will prohibit residency at South Fork.


Sources of income must be verified through copies of recent pay stubs and contact with current employer. Self-employed applicants must provide a copy of their most recent Federal tax return and the last four months bank statements.

The combined income level for all adult occupants must meet South Fork’s criteria for the apartment being considered.


Every adult resident wishing to live in a South Fork apartment must be both listed on the lease and have signed the lease acknowledging financial responsibility for the rent and verifying they have read, understood and will abide by the South Fork house rules as amended from time to time.

No apartment at South Fork shall house more than 2 persons per bedroom plus one.